November Lockdown Guidance

Following the Government’s guidance on 31st October the country will again be in lockdown from 5th November until 3rd December.

Government guidance states, Places of Worship will be closed, unless they are being used for:

– individual, private mid-week prayer                           

– to broadcast an act of worship                               

 – formal Early Years settings such as pre-schools or where the building is part of a school                   

–  essential voluntary and public services, such as  blood donors or foodbanks

  – Formal Support groups such as AA & NA                                   

Please remember that during this period you must stay at home as much as possible and not meet up with others indoors, including family and friends, unless they are part of your support bubble. People can meet outdoors with 1 person from another household.

We will post updates to this guidance as more information becomes available.

Please check with your local church for more information about on-line services and events and re-opening. We continue to encourage members  to keep in touch with each other and our staff through e-mail and Social Media.

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