Coronavirus -(COVID-19) or other infections guidance for churches

Please keep an eye on this blog and the B&SG Circuit Website and Connexional Website for more information, including ideas for prayer, and worship for those unable to attend worship or have to self isolate. (New posts highlighted in Blue)


Guidance Sheets updates 19th April

Coronavirus pt 15 Propery update phase two

Coronavirus pt14 Coping with Breavement

Coronavirus pt13 Ideas for When a funeral isn’t possible

Coronavirus pt12 Keeping in Touch guidelines (Pt12) – 8th April 2020

Coronavirus pt11 Guidelines for Pastoral Visitors 26th March 2020

Guidance Updates 29th March 2020 – please click on links to download guidance sheets.

The following Guidance sheets superseded previous guidance issued. 

Occasional Offices Guidelines:   Occasional Offices 26th March 2020

As the death toll mounts, Minsters will be taking a greater number of funerals in difficult emotional circumstances. The sheer devastation we face having to explain to recently bereaved people that we can not offer them our usual warmth, our safe and tranquil space to plan something together that would have been exactly what their friend or relative would have loved, and that numbers will be limited to close family will require us to show empathy and care for the funeral service we can offer. Please contact families who have pre-booked Baptisms and Weddings offering to rearrange and pastoral support as their carefully arrange plans are halted.

Key Contact Sheet: Key contact details update 28th March 2020

A downloadable sheet  with useful key contact details at this time

Unoccupied church guidelines:    Property update 28th March 2020

A simple sheet offering good practice to ensure the security and safety of our church buildings.

Safeguarding Guidelines:   Safeguarding 29th March 2020

In the midst of the global Coronavirus crisis, we have a unique opportunity to be Gospel people: to act lovingly, speak graciously, and live humbly for the common good of all people. In addition to taking the necessary precautions to limit virus transmission, which protects the most vulnerable people in society but we also have a duty to keep people safe and follow good practice.

Good Visiting Guidelines: Guidelines for Pastoral Visitors 26th March 2020

Guidance for ministers, lay workers and pastoral visitor coordinators to ensure good practice.

I also encourage everybody to watch this helpful video from Waltham Forest Burough Council and encourage you to consider how you are paying attention to the safety of those around you, particularly if you are using digital means to pastorally visit people in your community. Contact your church safegarding officer if you have any concerns.

Safeguarding:    In this time of encouraging people to be kind to one another, we also need to be extra vigilant to care for the vulnerable.  Please see the advice of the Safeguarding Team

Q & A to Previous guidance:    Q&A 29th March 2020

Update sheet to previous guidance given. Please note things continue to change daily.


The global spread of Coronavirus has been unprecedented, and governments are struggling to both contain and deal with the consequences. Whilst our government is rightly focusing upon protecting its citizens, ensuring that good hygiene practice and protecting some of the most vulnerable groups that are at risk. As Christians finding ourselves caught up in such a global pandemic is also challenging and is going to reveal the essential nature of our discipleship. Our Christian identity is reflected in how we do life together and how we serve our co

mmunities at such times. I believe that each our churches have a vital part to play in being a Beacon of Hope at this moment within their community. Our neighbours and communities need love, hope, peace and an eternal perspective and we can offer this in abundance, in the name of Jesus (2 Corinthians 4:18). I am aware that the situation changes daily, and Coronavirus will be with us for some time, so in some respect we will as a global village have to learn to live with it as we have with other such Pandemics. The following documents are offered for both information, practical steps that churches should take, and some thoughts about our Christian response as the threat is creating a climate of fear and panic, as we seek to be good and responsible neighbours and serve our communities bring light and hope of God’s love at this time. As we journey through the darkness of Lent towards the Light of the Resurrection, I am reminded that we are “Easter People and Alleluia is our song”

March 21st

Updated  PHE & Government guidance about coronavirus (COVID-19) for health professionals and other organisations. Click Here

March 16th 

Following the Governments announcement tonight about a semi-lock down and avoiding meeting in pub and clubs, theatres etc and non-essential travel. I am waiting to hear how this will affect Sunday Worship. However church meetings should cease, this includes the Circuit Meeting. Although I am looking at alternative ways of dealing with the agenda items.

I am working with the City Council regarding how best to support the most vulnerable in our city – those who are homeless, through the Methodist Centre, whilst keeping the staff safe. I include in the resources below two sheets about Foodbanks. It was clear today that the food the centre receives via the supermarkets is reduced due to panic buying. This will have a big impact on what we can offer, foodbank supplies are also running low in the city as they are supporting housebound folk. Please continue to check both the Methodist Church National Website and BSG Circuit website for further information.

Please click on links to download information :

Church Action Plan guidance:  Coronavirus BSG Action Plan – 14-3-20

Church Action Plan template: Coronavirus risk assessment Form Template

Coronavirus Guidelines:            Guidelines-for-coronavirus Part2 -6th-march-2020

If you are supporting residential homes or community care settings. MHA has supplied this useful signpost… 15-3-20      

    news/news_archive/coronavirus-covid-19/ .

Foodbanks Local:                            foodbanks-and-covid-19

Foodbanks Global:                          GFN – COVID-19 Resource Guide for Food Banking Organizations – 3.4.20 – FINAL

Coronavirus Q&A:                        Coronavirus Q&A

Christian Response:                    Christian Response towards Coronavirus

Coronavirus Guidelines:            Guidelines for Coronavirus Part 1- February 2020

Hand washing Poster:                 wash-your-hands-poster-english-508


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